Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Happened to the 1st half of 2009?

How time flies... that means I'm having fun right? My babies are doing great. Thank God! Joseph, my oldest has just been promoted to high school. He is in an honors program for the summer. He will be awarded credit therefore giving him a head start in high school. I will continue to encourage him to look into and take dual classes as soon as possible. My Julie is going to 5th grade! She was Student of the Month and received a blue ribbon on June 2nd. She's still so tiny. I think her little brother Angel will out grow her in no time. I love that Julie loves vegetables. She'll probably be a vegetarian when she grows up. Angel has been in a Christian preschool for a few months now. He is doing great. Thanks to the school he will be attending Kindergarden this year. His 5th birthday (Sept. 7th) will land on Labor Day this year. In order for him to attend kinder at a public school he would have to be 5 by Sept. 1st. We missed it by days! I figured if I have to pay for daycare I might as well pay for a private school that will allow him to go to kinder. He's smart enough and is absorbing everything like a sponge. Sushi my pug-mutt aka Chug (Chihuahua-Pug) was given to me on April of 2006 approximately. So she is just over 3 years old. She's such a good doggie. She loves the kids and wont leave their side. Every now and then she lays with me. She seems to sense when they're feeling sick and is especially clingy to them as if she were watching over them... knowing. In one picture she is holding Angel's hand while he lays asleep unaware of her concern for him. It upsets me when the kids neglect her and don't walk or feed her on schedule because she's such a good dog.

I just renewed my lease and will be in our little two bedroom apartment for another year. I hope this is the last one. I would like to rent a house but times are tough. The facility where I work will be closing down and everybody will be split up to two other facilities here in AZ. I'm not sure if I will be going because those two already have a Human Resources rep. I'd love to go back to school. My goal is to earn a degree along with my usual weight loss goal. I've done well recently. I ran my 1st official 5K on May 23rd, 2009! A great accomplishment! Goal met!